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the thrill of the internet police knocking on your door when you torrent stuff

I’ve spent a lot of time today making analogies, like a lot of people probably have. But I am ready to never make another analogy. I don’t want to have to tell people that “if your house were burglarized, no one would blame you for owning jewelry,” or “when someone hacked Target and stole all that credit card information, there was no chorus of men crying out, ‘That’s what you get for not paying with cash!’” or “if your email were hacked, no one would tell you ‘Well maybe you just shouldn’t have an email address.’”

I don’t want to have to do the thing where I walk you through it: what if it were YOUR daughter, YOUR mother, YOUR sister, because honestly that construction is even more insulting. As if the only reason a woman should not be violated is because her dad would be upset.


Haim: We’re a Band. Not a ‘Girl Band.’

Southern California’s favorite sisters Haim have been touring nonstop since the release of their full-length album Days Are Gone and sat down to talk with The Daily Beast about the one thing they hate being labelled as: 

Este: I’d even hear from dudes that were just like, “Yeah, women can play music, but it’s not rock music. There’s a place for women in music, but it’s not in the rock world.” 

I just never understood, like, you would never call a band like The Killers a boy band. So why are we a girl band? You know? We’re a band.  

Watch any live show the sisters put on and you’ll see just how hard they rock. With electrifying guitar and drum solos, Haim and so many other contemporary bands are proving rock isn’t only a “man’s world.” See for yourself when they take on FYF Fest this August. 


No star before Grace had ever posed with her hair wet as she rose from the water. No star had ever been seen wearing her glasses. No star had ever been photographed without makeup, wearing an oversized shirt that did nothing to show off her figure. No star would have been shown munching an orange or lounging with a pillow.

You trusted Grace’s beauty.” - Photographer, Howell Conant

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CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND? Because this is my favorite part in the whole movie. Mulan is back to wearing traditionally feminine clothing, and Shan Yu is mocking her “Looks like you’re out of ideas.”

BUT Mulan is all FUCK NO and disarms that asshole with a GODDAMN SYMBOL OF FEMININITY.


This happened because Mulan is quick-thinking and resourceful. It’s not an example of femininity being powerful and subversive. Arguably, it can be, but the movie made it clear that Mulan didn’t feel empowered by the traditional symbols of femininity that were forced on her.